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i know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky, but why can't it be mine.

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140703 M Countdown Begins: Open Studio
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I GOT7 and GOT7 : from the PD of ‘I GOT 7’

Today…so just now the filming of I GOT7’s last episode finished…..

Of course to be completely finished the footage needs to be mixed and edited but… I GOT7 has now ended…

I’ve always like to start new things and finish up things that I had already been doing but… is it because I’m getting older? It was disappointing because it was the last episode… I felt emotional while editing the footage and typing captions…

The reason I feel all this regret could be because of GOT7

Before the program I really knew GOT7 as the rookie group that sang Girlsx3

But now I know them not as idol group GOT7 but as Jaebum. Mark. Jinyoung. Jackson. Youngjae. BamBam. Yugyeom…

As I got to know them throughout the 3 months that the 10 episodes were filmed, I felt more and more that these are good kids who like people.

At first it was very awkward and very clear that they were rookies… they all seemed to discreetly hide during filming so I didn’t know what to do~~ but Youngjae was confident so he caught my eye. 

Next the one with a strong affinity for entertainment sense??? Is he a genius?? but then I realized that he tried harder than anyone and that effort paid off so Jackson also caught my eye. 

Also Yugyeom who has yet to outgrow the boyish features that signifies his youth caught my eye

At first he didn’t say a word but it turned out that he was shy… When he gets comfortable he spoke a lot and vied for screen time so Mark caught my eye.

JB who isn’t good at expressing himself but simply and honestly takes care of people and BamBam who just seemed young at first but is smart and takes care of others, these two both caught my eye.

Jinyoung was the one who I didn’t really know until the end but he likes people enough to learn the names of every single one of the staff and speaks to people sincerely, which impressed me.


It was probably from this recording that I started to gain more interest in these seven boys. 

I’m not the type to talk to celebrities on set but I felt that these were innocent boys and I started to care about them…

To be honest all rookie idol groups are good and work hard in front of PDs. GOT7 were good and worked hard in a slightly different way.

They didn’t just try to appear like they were good people they seemed to actually be good people who worked hard…

I feel that as time passes the position of a person may change but the sincerity with which a person treats others does not change…

I feel that I have become a fan of idol group GOT7’s boys Jaebum. Mark. Jinyoung. Jackson. Youngjae. BamBam. Yugyeom.

So I hope these kids make it big…

I’ve been a Shinhwa fan for 16 years. I’m not as a fervent fan as back then or devote time of day to them but they’re a part of my life. 

I’m too busy to open CDs and always just download the MP3 to listen but I still always buy the album.

I hope that GOT7’s baby birds (t/n: GOT7 shorted ‘I GOT7’ in Korean and Mark was the first to (mis)write it as ‘아가새’ which means ‘baby bird’) will be able to spend as long time with GOT7. 

Just the type that always waits and sometimes even say bitter words…

Fans that stay not because of the initial excitement but because of their surety…

As the time spent together increases, and you all age together, you will have a much different and more impressive relationship created through shared memories

So I hope that there will be fans to walk with GOT7 for that long period of time..

I won’t be able to walk all that way but I will watch from afar and smile……

kkk I stayed up all night and felt very emotional kkk

Is it because I’m getting old??

GOT7, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it more fun or more impressive~~

Next time meet a better more experienced PD than me and because famous!!!

I GOT7 was great!!!! GOT7 jjai~~~ 

Source: I GOT7’s PD | Trans: Yoonjin @ got7-trans

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eomma Jinyoung fixing Mark’s clothes with the help of BamBam

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140703 Open Studio - JB
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the loud brothers’ reaction to JB’s teaser

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jackson wang spewing nonsense shits as usual

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It’s sad to see him hesitate so long for such a simple question. Please be happy and keep smiling, okay? ♥

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